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From the Founders..

We are a humble couple, born and raised in Uganda. We have traveled our beautiful country several times, but every time hits beautifully different. Uganda is magnificently blessed, and we would love for you to see this for yourself!

The love to conserve nature and empower communities along and within travel destinations, the mountain gorillas, the melodious gossip of our birds, the food (ooohh..the food:-), the rich culture and hospitality of our people, the abundant wildlife.. we find this healing to the soul. body and mind! and let’s just say we are not selfish. we want this for you too:-)

Brian & Lindah Bisusa

Founders - pomelo-ibis adventures

Genuine smiles from authentic experiences

Embark on your adventure with us, where smiles are not just optional but guaranteed! From breathtaking views to belly-aching laughter, our promise is a vacation so joyous, even your souvenirs will have grins. Get ready to collect memories and leave with a heart full of happiness!

About Us

At Pomelo-ibis Adventures, we’re not just tour guides; we’re luxury dream weavers in the heart of Uganda. From gorilla treks to cultural gems, we craft adventures that blend thrill with local charm—all with a sprinkle of our signature hospitality. Join us for a journey that’s more than just sightseeing; it’s Uganda, served with a side of unforgettable memories.

Our safaris at a glance!

Let's show you some of the trips we run for our lovelies. Promise to book with us.

Gorilla Trekking & Wildlife Safaris

Join our gorilla trekking and wildlife safari where adventure meets awe-inspiring moments, promising grins bigger than a gorilla's wingspan! With expert guides and tailored itineraries, we ensure every encounter—from majestic gorillas to the savannah's big cats—leaves you roaring with delight. Get ready for a journey where happiness is as wild as the African landscape!

Birding Safaris

Join us on a birding safari where chirps meet cheers and every feathered friend has a tale to tweet! With expert guides and binoculars at the ready, prepare for a journey where even the smallest winged wonders leave a big smile on your face!


Celebrate love in Uganda with our honeymoon experience that guarantees smiles as big as the African sunsets! From luxurious accommodations to romantic encounters with nature's finest, every moment is designed to make your hearts flutter. Get ready for a honeymoon so magical, even the elephants will trumpet in joy!

Agro-Tourism & Culture

We promise your taste buds will dance from farm to fork! With hands-on experiences and delicious discoveries, we guarantee you'll cultivate memories sweeter than honey. Get ready to dig in, learn, and harvest happiness. Uganda's bounty awaits!

Why Choose Us

Safety First

Your safety on safari is our heartfelt priority; like family, we safeguard every step of your journey with unwavering commitment and care. We work with qualified tour guides, and hand-picked accommodations, clean and comfortable cars and we ensure your adventure is not only thrilling but also a sanctuary of peace of mind


Every footprint you leave honors our land and its inhabitants. Together, we forge a path of conservation and respect, ensuring your journey leaves a legacy of sustainability and heartfelt stewardship.

We show you the real Uganda

Uncover the soul of Uganda, where every moment reveals the authentic heartbeat of this extraordinary land. From vibrant cultures to untamed landscapes, we promise an emotional journey that connects you deeply with the heart of Uganda.

We are Family, and we keep it local

Pomelo-ibis Adventures supports mostly small local businesses along the road and works with experienced local guides. We believe this is a good way to have a direct positive economic impact on local communities, as well as minimizing our carbon footprint.

Ready, Set, Uganda! where adventure meets your bucketlist!

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