Just Breath!

We have an old saying in my country Uganda that goes like this; ” Olw’okuba oloose ekirooto ekitiisa, tekitegeeza nti toddemu kwebaka!” directly translated as; ” Just because you have had a scary dream doesn’t mean you will never go back to sleep again”

This adage is to remind us that even amidst tough times, we should dust our selves up, stand up strong and move on. We can’t fail to do the things the we love just because there is a situation we are scared of. While most economies are closing up again, others are re-opening. While other people are healing from corona, others are acquiring it. Well, regardless, we dust our selves up and we move!

Caution is key here, though! While you want to continue doing the things you love, take caution. Wear a face mask all the time, sanitize/wash you hands regularly, and always keep a social distance..with these in place, you never know, that trip to Uganda you have always dreamt about; seeing your self with the king kongs of the world; the Mountain Gorillas, having chit chats with the birds, enjoying the little conversations with the chimps and just getting healed by the soothing weather and nature might all come to life.

Let’s not give up, yet! We Win!

I Love You.

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