The Ultimate Flat Water Tubing Experience on the Nile River

Flat water tubing has become a big part of our lives down here in Uganda. It’s an activity many domestic tourists have taken on, and this has hyped the adventure city of East Africa even much more!

Here is how it’s done; a tubing guide briefs us on the do’s and dont’s of the activity. He explains all the fun we are likely to have if we follow his instructions. He then carefully dresses us in specialized white water tubing life jackets and we carry our inflated tubes down the river. He gets the tubes and connects them together with a strong rope, then connects the end rope to a kayak which he is going to ride himself.

We then place the tubes on the river, sit in them as our legs float. The tubes have net like platforms made of strong ropes in the middle that help create a comfortable sitting position while your legs are floating outside.

Now the adventure begins! The guide sits in the kayak, and begins peddling while pulling us who are seated in the tube. The adrenaline here is very intense because the Nile is flowing really fast. You’re free to scream, laugh or even cry🤗

After a whole one hour of sailing on the Nile, we are picked off the river by another guide on the other side of the river, and welcomed by a banquet of fruits to re-energize.

I cant fully explain the thrill of this experience. You ought to experience it your self!

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