MOUNTAIN GORILLA TRACKING in uganda-what you need to know 2024

In the midst of the dense Bwindi Impenetrable Forest sleeps the endangered mountain gorilla. Many of us have heard about it, seen it on Disney screens as King Kong, and to the most fortunate, seen it in their natural habitat.

Hard to believe, but Uganda hosts half of the remaining endangered mountain gorillas in the whole world. This should mean something to someone who desires to come face-to-face with these giants.

well, you only require USD 700 to acquire a permit that allows you to trek and track the incredible mountain gorillas. This lasts between 1 hour to many hours and you are given at least an hour to spend time with them, take pictures and basically see how they live. The forest can mean to be cold and it can rain anytime (always carry raincoat, long-armed shirt, and trousers and tuck in your socks to avoid any insects seeking refuge in your legs).

For me, it’s the sound of the forest that soothes me, before I even think of the Gorillas. Birds and insects singing, many different monkeys sited, the green vegetation and the hike in the forest are usually my personal highlight

Lastly, why would you leave this world minus visiting Uganda to come live with these creatures?

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